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Get the most out of your new Wacom One with Wacom’s Creative Adventure program. Throughout this page you’ll find informative training, engaging activities, and creative inspiration.

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Wacom Adventure Program

Wacom One Pen Tablet Medium

Wacom One Pen Tablet Medium

₹ 16,990.00
Wacom One 12 Pen Display

Wacom One 12 Pen Display

₹ 35,990.00
Wacom One 13 Touch Pen Display

Wacom One 13 Touch Pen Display

₹ 53,990.00
Wacom One Pen Tablet Small

Wacom One Pen Tablet Small

₹ 11,990.00

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Everything you need to get started

Wacom One equips you with everything you need to kickstart your digital journey, including guidance on setting up your device, mastering your new pen, and maximizing your included software’s potential. You can watch the getting started videos here.

Improve your digital drawing and painting

From sketching and drawing to digital painting and illustration, discover new techniques, hone your craft, and unleash your artistic potential with comprehensive tips and tutorials from Wacom professionals. The resources below will help you follow your creative journey — and grow your skills with their expert guidance.

  • Tutorials for Character Design
    by Mitch Leeuwe

  • Creative process of illustration
    by Laia López

  • Digital Illustration Showcase
    by Ilse Harting

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    Digital painting basics for beginners – from simple forms to complex paintings

    Tayler Olivas gives a step-by-step tutorial for beginners on digital painting!

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    7 Hand-Eye Coordination Exercises for Artists

    Transitioning from pen and paper to a drawing tablet can sometimes feel like a frustrating experience. Here are ...

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    How to create your first illustration in Clip Studio Paint

    Wacom teamed up Celsys, creators of Clip Studio Paint, to give you an insider's view of manga comic creation from ...


Customize your Wacom One

Personalize your Wacom One for your own style and way of working. Choose a color for your Pen or select an alternative digital pen from LAMY, Staedtler, Kaweco, or Dr Grip. Add a stand if you prefer working at an angle or a clear rear case that you can personalize with your artwork.

Explore the world of manga

Learn to draw your favorite characters from comics and anime — or design and develop your own comic strip, manga series, or webtoon. In this section, you’ll discover new techniques and methods to transform your artistic concepts and ideas into compelling visual narratives and bring your ideas to life.

  • History of Japanese Art & Culture
    by ISSSAI

  • History & Story of a Manga Page
    by Kenny Ruiz

  • Creating Manga art in traditional style on Clip Studio Paint
    by ZeldaCW

  • How to draw a manga comic, from start to finish, in Clip Studio Paint

    How to draw a manga comic, from start to finish, in Clip Studio Paint

    Using Clip Studio Paint and Wacom Intuos, artist Caterina Rocchi will show you the process from sketch to the ...

  • Tips for creating a print-ready monochrome manga with Clip Studio Paint and Wacom

    Tips for creating a print-ready monochrome manga with Clip Studio Paint and Wacom

    Wacom teamed up with Celsys to give you an insider's view of manga comic creation from start to finish in a 5 part ...

  • How to draw a comic page by Miyuli

    How to draw a comic page by Miyuli

    Illustrator and manga artist Miyuli, known for her comics such as Hearts for Sale and Lost Nightmare, takes us ...


Wacom's Commitment to sustainability

Wacom is striving to reduce our environmental impact and create a more sustainable future. We have prioritized the use of sustainable materials in the Wacom One product and packaging, making the products and their transportation more eco-friendly.

Edit photos like a pro

Retouch, manipulate lighting, enhance colors, or combine multiple photos into one – in other words, unleash your creative photographic vision. Here’s where you’ll learn how to transform ordinary images into stunning works of art with the power and precision of the Wacom pen and Wacom One.

  • How to Bring your Photos to Life in Photoshop
    by Colin Smith

  • Photo Manipulation Techniques
    by Allison Olivia Moon

  • Portrait & Beauty Retouching
    by Rafael Goldchain

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    Photographers, it’s time to swap your mouse for a tablet

    Wacom tablets are associated with digital artists, so much so that they are considered an industry standard. Yet, ...

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    How to set up a Wacom tablet for photo editing

    Unmesh Dinda from PiXimperfect on setting up your Wacom tablet for photo editing in Adobe Photoshop.

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    How to remove your ex from a photo: Adobe Photoshop tutorial

    Just in time for Valentine's Day -- how to remove someone from a group photograph!

Unleash your educational potential

Wacom One is an incredibly versatile tool for fostering creativity, electrifying engagement, and enhancing learning, whether in art class or academic subjects — or in higher education. Below, explore endless possibilities for students and educators alike to revolutionize their educational experiences with Wacom One.

  • Navigating Career Choices
    by Glen Southern

  • Pitching and Producing Unique Stories
    by Triggerfish Animation Studios

  • Art of Business
    by Darek Zabrocki

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    Teaching Online has never been easier with Wacom and its software partners!

    Wacom partners with leading educational software applications to provide teachers and students with the best ...

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    Using Your Wacom Pen Tablet with PowerPoint

    Did you know you can use your Wacom pen tablet with Microsoft PowerPoint? Here’s how to make it work in your lessons.

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    Top 5 go-to resources for aspiring digital artists

    Unless you already are an experienced digital artist, we long for tutorials, insights, inspiration, tips and the ...


Built on 40 years of innovation and refinement

Wacom was founded 40 years ago to create harmony between creators and their computers. Creative technology should be natural and intuitive to use – it should make getting ideas from one’s mind to one’s “canvas” as seamless as possible.

Our products come from four decades of experience in designing digital pen and ink technology. Our expert engineers constantly incorporate valuable feedback from users to create the highest-quality, most advanced creative technology. That’s why Wacom is recognized for delivering a level of unparalleled excellence our customers have come to rely on.